Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because I Can't Stop Grinning

Numbers talk, baby!
And yes, you North Dakota friends are going to have my hide for this...but WOWIE. I'm so thrilled to not be in negative degrees I seriously can't stop grinning.
I'm in the Florida panhandle there where it says 51 degrees. Aaaaaaah. And yes, I have my heater on.
Waaaay up there in the purple and white, right between -17 and -15...that's where I used to be.
See why I'm grinning? It's fantastic, really. It's a gift to see the frigidity of other and be able to walk outside without even a sweater on. :D
I am sooooo a Florida girl!


Karen said...

LOL! I moved from Shalimar, FL two years ago and now live in Maine where it is 11 today....yes, i am in envy of you! ; )

melissa said...

JERK, just kidding! Glad for you, sad for me!!

Jessica said...

I can totally relate! There is NOTHING like the frigid North Dakota winters. I'm glad you are enjoying your new digs :)

Lisa Bohler said...

Bev! How dare you? It is FREAKING cold here...envy you and miss you!

Lisa B.

Jessie/knightrone said...

You are evil....and mean...but I still luv you.

MandySue said...

okay are on my list! Currently it is -22F and if you count the windchill its -42F. So not fair....nearly 100 degrees different....what a change

DALewis said...

You are so very, very lucky. I envy you but I keep telling myself there's always hope that, I, too, might leave some day...{wishing}