Sunday, January 11, 2009

Visiting Silke

While I was in the neighborhood during my trip, I got a chance to stop in and spend some time with one of my favorite stampers, Silke Ledlow. (Hi Silke friend!!)
Silke was gracious enough to welcome me into her home and not only stamp and chit-chat, but I got to meet her 3 presh daughters too! My hubby took my kids for the day so I could spend it at her house, and like a true Mom, I spent it soaking in other kids. LOL! (You know how that goes if you're a Mom)
And you KNOW we stamped. You KNOW this! ;) I took some inspiration from her gorgeous decor. This vase is in her dining room.
And here is my inspired card.
Silke is such a sweet, good lady. I am quite blessed to have her frienship. :)

1 comment:

silkeledlow said...

He,he,he - I had so much fun and I'm sooooo thrilled that you came to see me/us!!!

Don't be a stranger and come back when you are in SAV!!!

Hugs ~S~