Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April SCS Fan Club Gallery

Today's the 14th!!

You know what that means?!? This month's SCS Fan Club Gallery is being revealed at midnight!
I've been working HARD on my projects and cards this month.
This is my 6th and last month as a Dirty Girl, and I wanted to leave it all out on the table!! Whew! I'm really happy with it and oh golly, the other Dirty Girls have awed me sooo!
I can't wait till you see! And you'll be thrilled to meet the two newest and dirtiest girls as they're revealed tonight as well!

Here's a peek at one of the cards I've put up in that gallery.It features Poppy Patch from Flourishes LLC, and my favorite coloring technique: watercolor markers.

You REALLY wont want to miss commenting on this gallery. SERIOUSLY!
For the first time ever, commenting in the Dirty Gallery means you might actually win that card from that Dirty! No joke! We're giving cards away, ya'll!! So make sure you comment!

As a small (and huge) note, I really can't express what an honor it has been to be a Dirty Girl for SCS. It's far and above what I ever thought I'd do in this crazy stamping hobby, and as super bonuses the ladies I've met and been able to work with, all 24 of you + Jenn (our fabulous leader), you'll always be very dear to me (ya old dirty bags!).
So as I retire into a Dirty Old Lady tonight at the stroke of midnight, know that I have a super full and thankful heart.
Anybody seen my walker?


Connie said...

This is stunning, Bev!! Wow! I can not believe this is your final month already...it seems like just yesterday when you started!

Joanne said...

you DD girls are real teasers this month....lol

carole (TruCarMa) said...

We'll make room for you and your rocker on the porch, Bev!!! You did an OUTSTANDING job during your time on the pile! It has been my pleasure to have served a little of my time on the DD with you, and now we can be old & Dirty together throughout our dotage! :)