Monday, May 04, 2009


Last week I was in Wisconsin visiting family and got to stop in to a shop every stamper wishes was right around their corner! Gina K!
You step in through those lovely doors and your hit with Gina K fantastica!
All the stamps, papers, storage options, tins, paints, markers, brads, eyelets, glues, adhesives, oh yes...and did I mention....

Every corner is filled with cards made with her images.
And then there's Gina!
The precious woman that she is, I got a photo op out of her and we got to sit down and chat a few. Look! She's a shortie, like me!! I LOVE it! :)
I also got to meet Mz Jessica Fick! Jessica, not only is on Gina's design team, she works at Gina's store! I was kinda shy to meet her, but she's such a sweetie!
So there you are, my stamping adventure in WI. I picked a random winner from the comments, and Terri, you won a pack of Gina's pure luxury envelopes for guessing correctly. I'll get your address lady!
On another note: did I mention I'm in Spokane, WA now?!? We made our trip in 4 days from WI, and even got to stop to visit Mt Rushmore (hello amazing!).
I hope against hope that I can stamp something this week and get it up here for you by next Monday. Cross your fingers with me, k? Hugs!


Liz S. said...

If you are in Spokane...there is a downtown stamp store called Apropos that is closing :( but 45% off now :)

Terri said...

WOOHOO!!! Thanks Bev. I am glad that you made it safely to Wa.

Christi said...

You lucky duck! It sure looks like you're having fun!!!

Connie said...

AMAZING. Bev!! How very fun!! Somthing I am sure everyone wish they could do!!

eggette said...

WOW!! What a move Bev! Hope you are getting settled in and can stamp real soon! I would be going crazy with no stamping!! and what a hoot to meet Gina K and are so lucky!!

Tandra said...

Hi Bev! Long time to see! lol

You lucky girl getting to go to Ginas store! It looks great!
and arent YOU gorgeous girl!!!
Happy moving!

Judy Rozema said...

Oh how fun! I am so glad you shared these photos!

Su Davis said...

HEY - GO FOR IT GIRL! Love reading about other stuff and seeing photos - we are a sharing community. I am a UK demo and it will be a sorry day when demos can't post what they like on their blogs.