Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Day 1- Memento Mall and Crazy Stampers!

I was first in line this morning with my sweet roommate, Kris Gilbert, at Memento Mall.
Memento Mall is this fun shop that's open during convention to demonstrators only. It carries
all kinds of goodies and souvenirs (bearing the SU! logo of course), that aren't traditionally
available to us. ALLL convention attendees scramble to go and see what is available each year,
and I scramble earlier than most...*cough cough* 5 am came around pretty early this year! (Can you say nap at 10 am?!? prego self was OUT at 10! LOL) Here are some pics of
Memento Mall!
Kris and I's bags sitting in line first!
My faithful roommate awake at dawn...well, even BEFORE dawn *groan*. LOL
The line filling up behind us and all of us CRAZY STAMPERS swapping cards....
And the yummy goodies displayed for us to oooogle over while we waited for the doors to open (was that mean or what?!? LOL)

One last picture...
I had the most drop-dead meal for lunch today! DROOOL!
Copper Canyon Restaurant in the Radisson lobby. You can't handle the roast beef! :) ...or the mango cake (good glorrrry my eyes were rolling to the back of my head!)
Enjoying my birthday in SLC! (Thanks honey for watching the kids!)


Debi said...

Glad you are having a fabulous birthday!

Anonymous said...

Have a blast! Enjoy the SCS dinner and all those great swaps! Soak up all that Convention is! Keep us posted on some of the Fun!
Happy Birthday, Leo girl!
Laurie (lala on SCS)

~Chris~ said...

Happy Birthday and Congrats on the pregnancy.

melissa said...

Happy Birthday and I super duper love your hair cut!!! It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

That meal does look delish! You have me craving some beef, I think I'll have to make a roast tomorrow :)

Joanne B. said...

You're so cute that you were up so EARLY! You're the cutest Bev! Love the eye candy, but what I want to know is... what did you BUY!!!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

ooo it sounds like you had a ball Bev, what would convention be like if you weren't right there at the head of the line. Miss being there with you....~Donna

Anonymous said...

Haven't got to visit much lately....just wanna say, LOVE the haircut...LOVE the eyewear! You look beautiful! Can't wait to see the new'll be here before you know it! Hope Michael survived, the kids survived, and shoot....the house can be 'fixed' later!

Tandra said...

I was SO flippin excited and THRILLED to have met you in MMall line!! I kept looking at you and your hair thinkin' you are the cutest thing on the planet!
You are so sweet! I know someone took our pic (I think/I hope!)!
I think I was tongue-tied meeting you! Cuz your stuff ROCKS!
Hope you are feeling well after the convention, and resting!
The roast beef lunch looks so gooood!
So far I am planning on going next year too!
LOVE your roomie gift you made!
I DROOL over that green striped ribbon!!!

the Provident Woman said...

Man, that looks like so much fun! And I'm really hungry looking at that picture of the roast beef. Yumm!