Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Really, I'm Fine

Hey out there!
I'm quite proud that I've found a second to get over here.
Where have I been? Well first, let me say THANKS for being concerned about me and emailing. :) I know I kinda just dropped out of the blogosphere , so allow me to explain.
Last we talked, I was at Stampin' Up convention. For any of you who have
been to convention, you'll know just how tiring it can be. But, being pregnant at convention proved to be super exhausting to me so I stopped blogging there. Then I came home and being in my 34th week of pregnancy slept a lot (besides taking care of my family, of course). Man, I sound slothful! LOL
Then in my 37th week, I had my sweet baby boy:
~Isaiah Dale~
Isn't he yummy?!? Yup, I'm holding him allll the time, ya'll. Oh golly, I love me a newborn! Uh-huh!
So then I went through the learning sleep patterns with Isaiah, and now we're on track. Everyone is sleeping well again.
The ladies at my church gave me a baby shower, so I just finished some Thank Yous for them:
As you might imagine, having 4 little ones now, my life is getting more and more hectic. So I'm going to institute a once a week blog from now on. Look for me on Mondays. :)
Thanks ya'll! I've appreciated you guys checking in on me by email and your sweet words of encouragement. Mondo hugs,


Anonymous said...

Bev, WELCOME BACK!! after seeing you at convention and exclaming over and over, "it's Bevithia!" i thought maybe i had scared you away from the blog world. but then i remembered you were really pregnant and probably had your hands full. so, congratulations on baby Isaiah! and keep posting. i love your creations. also, i am following in your footsteps, check out: <3 lou

Connie Collins said...

Such a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Your little bundle is GORGEOUS!!!!! Congratulations on your little boy.


~Chris~ said...

Congratulations on your new Addition. He is quite handsome. Love your Card!

airbornewife said...

Bev.. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He is a beautiful baby, I see why you are holding him all the time! I loved holding my kiddos when they were babies too.. still do even though the youngest is 11.

I know how hectic life can be with 4 little ones, so be sure to take care of yourself.

your card is awesome!

many blessings ~ Pam

There She Goes Clear Stamps said...

Way to go mamma, he is gorgeous! Enjoy that new baby smell, I am so jealous ;)

Robbie said...

How good it is to see you!! You have been busy. I'm glad birthing went well. You look so happy. I'll be looking for you on Mondays now. Take care...


Silke Ledlow said...

OMG - I was just asking Denise the other day if she knew if you had the baby yet...and here you are!!!


I can hardly imagining your day with four little ones...I was so happy to sent mine all to school this year - wahoooo!!! I'm so glad you found a chance to blog and update us...your card is so beautiful too!!!

Big hugs to you and your family!!! Take care and I'm looking forward to your next post!!! ~Silke~

Alissa said...

CONGRATS on your beautiful little boy!!
And, of course, your thank you cards are gorgeous! :-)

DALewis said...

YEAH! You're back! I mean, I know I see you on Facebook and all but I love reading your blog. :)

I'll be back every Monday, you know. Don't leave me hangin. LOL.

Love ya!

Tanya said...

Glad to see it was just good things keeping you away. Beautiful baby boy...!!! I would hold him for hours too, lol.
Love this card! Wonderful colors!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my girlie he is just as sweet as sweet can be...thanks for showing him off. I am so glad to see you back. Hugs


Shabby Horse said...

LOOOOOVEEEE it! Wow, stunning card!

Brooke S said...

Congrats momma! He is Beautiful!!!