Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wittle Cardinal Thanks

Happy Monday everyone! :)
I hope your week was fabulous. Did you sneak in lots of "fun sized" candy? Oh common...fess up! We're all friends here. LOL I had...oh..a fewwwww.
Really, I didn't indulge myself too much, but only b/c I'm nursing and I don't want the baby to have all that sugah! So go ahead and sneak in another for me, K?

This week I made a little Christmas Thank You card.
I used that sweet little A Flower for All Seasons set by Stampin' Up! again. What can I say, it was on my table. And that cardinal was eyeing me. I had to ink him up.
Though I have built up quite the stash of Christmas cards throughout the year, I've decided to go with a picture Christmas card this year instead. *Gasp* I know. :)
A)Everyone always wants to see how big the kids have gotten this year
B)They're cheap
D) They come with their own envelopes
So there. C kinda tipped the scales for me.
I'm all for easy lately. Easy is my friend. You can even call me easy and I'll take it as a compliment. Cause. I'm. That. Nice. :)
With that in mind, I left the sentiment off of the card so I can write the little thanks inside.
First week of November coming down the pike, people! Look snappy!
Go get'em!


Christi said...

This is gorgeous!!! I also just saw your post and the pic of your gorgeous baby boy! Congrats girl!!!! Seeing that pic gives me baby fever!! LOL

Butternut Sage Designs said...

so glad to hear your thoughts and humor again....this card is adorable, love it as much as the white one with the songbird on it!!! Hugs missy!