Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fishy Philosophy...An {ippity} Review

Hey there!
It's Monday! In a really great way. Cause you're here! :)
I decided to have some*FUN* this week. I ordered a new stamp set from {ippity} (Unity's new sister company) and do a little review. See...uhm...I've never stamped with Unity stamps before. *gasp* I know. So when I saw their latest {ippity} release, I went a little ga-ga for the Fishy Phiosophy set.
Bonus of it all is that dear, sweet Michelle Woerner (my fellow Dirty Alumn) is selling it at her blog. And she puts some treats in with her orders! Yay! Lookie:
She threw in a cute thank you card and a couple of yards of scrumptious ribbons. No, no Michelle! Thank YOU, my dear! :)
Now, I'd heard that all of their stamps are deeply etched...but I just wasn't prepared. Look at that!
And since they come cut, and on EZ mount already...all you have to do is to pop it onto your acrylic block and start stamping. I'm impressed. :)
Well, and this all starts with loving the images, right? Oh my, yes. And boy, do I! Here's what I did:
And this:
And this:
I used my twinkling H20s to color in the fishy. The twinks really make him glimmer!
Gracious, did I stamp this week, or what? I couldn't stop. It's those cute fish.
I love the movie Finding Nemo...and that "Just Keep Swimming" sentiment had me humming that tune for a WHILE. I think I still am....
I think you're looking at a new fan of all things {ippity} (and Unity!). Oh yes. You definitely are.
Had so much fun trying out something new this week!
I hope you are each enjoying the sunshine and that it's starting to warm up around you! We have a high of 57 here today. Time to open up the doors and let the kids run around the backyard. *excited*
Happy smiles,


Linda B said...


Lydia said...

These are adorable images and I love love love what you did with them.

Anonymous said...

Grey plus yellow makes for a stunning combination! Very cool card!! Best wishes (from a German follower currently located in NZ)!

AJ said...

well...It's about time I must say!! lol! your cards are so cute and I can't believe you held out for so long!! What's your next set going to be?? ;)

Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

Hey girlie! These cards are the bomb diggety! Love them all, that first one has the most perfect colors, the second one is perfect with those little bubble things and lastly that gorgeous blue fish on the Top Note? WOWZERS!

Glad you like the sets! Hugs to you, michelle